Adult Psychiatric Treatment

Acute Psychiatric Care for Adults

Life can be overwhelming at any stage, and emotional distress affects everyone to some degree. For adults, psychiatric and emotional problems can affect careers, marriages and social relationships. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or any other psychiatric issue, you don’t have to face it alone. At Rolling Hills Hospital, located in Franklin, Tennessee, we are dedicated to helping patients resume the journey to mental health wellness. Together, we can help you resume a healthier and more productive life.

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Rolling Hills Hospital offers acute psychiatric care for adults over the age of 18 in a hospital setting while promoting crisis resolution, positive self-awareness, social skills and personal growth. The Adult Psychiatric Treatment Program provides diagnostic evaluation and treatment for a range of psychiatric disorders in adults including bipolar and unipolar affective disorders, major depression, adjustment disorders, attentional disorders and relational issues.

Common signs of distress related to psychiatric issues include:

  • Suicidal threats or self-destructive behavior
  • Prolonged sadness or excessive crying spells
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Anger
  • Nervousness
  • Changes in eating and sleeping habits
  • Loss of interest in activities that were previously pleasurable
  • Decline in work performance
  • Hyperactivity
  • Legal problems

Our multidisciplinary team, which includes psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, dieticians and mental health technicians, works closely with patients and their families to enhance their strengths to develop effective coping mechanisms. We begin to plan for each patient’s return to the community from the day of admission. As a result, collaboration and communication among staff are key components to ensure the success of each patient’s individualized treatment plan.

Treatment may involve psychological and behavioral components, medical management, group therapy, family education and professionally directed activity therapy. We make every effort to maximize the opportunity for continued growth by communicating with current mental health and/or medical providers upon written consent of the patient during the hospital stay. The goal of the Adult Psychiatric Program is to coordinate a seamless transition to outpatient care upon discharge and successful reintegration into the community.

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