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At Rolling Hills Hospital, we love to hear from former patients about how our program has improved their lives and given them the tools to succeed. Below, you’ll find some letters from past clients who’ve sought treatment for their mental health issues at our hospital. You’ll also see letters from providers who’ve successfully referred their patients to us for care. To learn more about how we measure patient satisfaction, please click here

PLEASE NOTE: The following reviews are submitted by patients and posted exactly as written. Permission has been granted to Rolling Hills by the writers to share this information publicly.

Patient Reviews


Former Patient, Outpatient

I was in the PHP (partial hospitalization) and IOP (intensive outpatient) programs at this facility and must admit that I had a wonderful experience with the doctors and staff. The program was immensely helpful in allowing me to get back on track mentally and each day was filled with superb materials and discussions. The program is group therapy based, but this is actually a great thing despite my hesitations early on. It turns out that this is one of the best ways to get help with understanding these important topics because you get lots of different perspectives.

When you get into the PHP and IOP programs, the first week or so can be very exhausting because you are still likely getting used to powerful topics that can be emotionally draining. Stick with it because by the end of the program you will most likely feel quite accomplished and refreshed.

As for the facility, it is always nearly immaculate in how clean it is, and it is a modern group of buildings that even feels welcoming. I liked coming to a program where the place I am at is not drab or depressing. It’s a simple thing, but I was grateful.

I know that I must continue to take the lessons I learned and apply them so that I lead a very positive, healthy life. I also know that I’ll need to continue with my outside therapist that I’ve been seeing for a while before this program to continue moving forward.

Thanks, Rolling Hills. I have gained so much and I know others have as well.

Lauren Ashleigh

Former Patient, Inpatient & Outpatient

Inpatient: In the hospital, I spent 7 days. I was admitted by my therapist. Everything that staff and nurses did for me was with caution. They kept aware that I was not in my mind when I was admitted. The nurses were very caring. They really tried to connect with us (one even watched TV with us and would have normal conversations with us during commercials, the connection was beautiful). They tried to make sure we understood what was happening, and they treated me with the utmost respect. The group of therapists was also amazing.

They do monitor every 15 minutes. Even when asleep. However, for me, this was not a problem. I was in the hospital to be kept secure and to be treated. The staff know what they’re doing. I always received my medicine on time. The rules were really not that bad. Some of the things that the nurses and staff have to do made sense to me every time because it is their job to ensure safety. Also, for a hospital, the food was fantastic, and the people who worked in the cafeteria were also very friendly and caring

Partial and Outpatient: This was the best part of my hospital stay. This lasts for about two months (depending on the situation), and it’s every weekday from 9-2, then step down to 9-12 when they believe it is time. This is completely optional, but it’s HEAVILY RECOMMENDED.

Group therapy was the part that helped me get on my feet so much easier than expected. I learned how to make it in the world, how to change my mindset, how to improve my relationships, and how to be a better person in general. I, and everyone I was with, learned so much. The support from the whole team is so encouraging and beautiful.

I left feeling like a brand new person, with real-life smarts and knowledge that some few people even know.

I recommend this hospital to everyone. It changed my life, and I believe it would change anyone’s life who really pays attention, and works very hard on the work. It is hard, but this hospital made me believe it is possible.


Former Patient, Inpatient & Outpatient

I personally had a great experience here, despite my initial resistance to being there (as many do). [My doctor] was very straightforward with me, which I appreciated very much. The staff was amazing, compassionate [and] interpersonal while maintaining professionalism. All the nurses and techs I interacted with were very friendly…I would like to thank them personally for being so accommodating and kind to me.

The outpatient programs are where I had the most authentic interactions with other people. The therapists, nurses, and [my doctor] are extremely helpful and caring. They really go above and beyond to make sure you, as an individual, feel worthwhile.

Overall, if you or a loved one wants to seek help, this would be the place to go to. The only thing I could encourage others to keep in mind is that the nurses only interact with you in a certain way because that is the protocol they must follow, otherwise they will treat you very well.

Finally, make sure you or your loved one gives the appropriate information to people “on the outside,” otherwise they will not be able to reach you due to the hospital’s rules and regulations for the patient’s security.

Monique Palmieri

Former Patient

Rolling Hills has been the best place for me to recover. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help. The food is delicious and there are always options to fit your dietary needs. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for recovery.

Provider Reviews

Leah, August 2019

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Middle Tennessee

I have had several clients in your program and each one of them has come back speaking nothing but wonderful words about their experience. They appreciate the group experience and often share the information they have learned and all have applied the lessons to their lives. I have seen wonderful improvement in each of them. One client even decided that they now want to be a therapist as a result of having such great experiences in counseling with me and in your program. Your program was so impactful for this client that they made major changes in their life.

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